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Rough Seas

We are now in Spain and finally are back on line after a long delay, so have quite a bit of catching up to do. We stayed in Vilamoura longer than planned due to the weather. The forecast was for … Continue reading

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Vilamoura is reminiscent of a Walt Disney World resort with its various hotels, bars and retail outlets all purpose built round the marina basin. Probably because both have been built from scratch in what was scrubland and swamp. Possibly an … Continue reading

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Setting Sail for Vilamoura

Well the first passage of the season went very well. St Monday saved us from having to do battle with the dredger; the crew go home for Sunday and have to travel from Faro on Monday morning. As soon as … Continue reading

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Ready to Depart

Considering we had prepared to leave on Friday we had a lot of jobs for the weekend. First amongst these was to walk up into town for a visit to the Vodaphone shop, to make sure we could stay online. … Continue reading

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Friday was pencilled in as a possible departure day. Sopromar had serviced the fire extinguishers by Thursday as promised, we had washed the boat from bow to stern and the weather forecast was for a mix of light winds and … Continue reading

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Despite our moving to allow it sea room the dredger did not immediately spring into action, but by the time we had arrived back from our boat trip it was sitting in the middle of the channel in full swing. … Continue reading

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Today we had an adventure. We went boldly to see the Grottes – the caves and other rock formations along this piece of coastline. A couple we had met over dinner had recommended going along the harbour to the fishermen, … Continue reading

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