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A Weekend Away

The life raft service man e-mailed John to say that he will be able to bring the life raft back early next week. We had hoped it would be back this week, but it was good that he let us … Continue reading

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A Day Trip to Sorrento

The weather was due to take a turn for the worse, blustery with occasional showers, but it dawned fine, so we decided to chance it and go to Sorrento on the train. By walking briskly and an element of good … Continue reading

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Sailing to Sorrento

And so on to Sorrento, sailing as on a single breath of wind across the bay, its towering volcanic landmark still masked in cloud. The ships dog was very calm under sail, a fast learner. There was a new marinera … Continue reading

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Locker Room

After four days of cleaning we have moved on to looking through the lockers clearing out old stuff. This is particularly moot in the case of our ships stores, as the girls hold sell by dates in high regard and … Continue reading

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A Late Start

This is the latest start we have made to our annual burst of adventure, though last year we spent much of the time before now dodging rain and heavy seas. What is more I have bypassed all the start of … Continue reading

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Black Gold

Marmite that is, not Texas tea. Although the magic of the black jar allows for infinite scrapings our supply was coming perilously close to exhaustion. Things had reached such a pass, we had resorted to eating healthy fruit and yogurt … Continue reading

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Dread Dredger

The electricians came, solved the problems, worked out what had caused them and left in that order. The problems had increased by the time they arrived. We carried out a radio check and as soon as I pressed transmit a … Continue reading

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