Dread Dredger

The electricians came, solved the problems, worked out what had caused them and left in that order. The problems had increased by the time they arrived. We carried out a radio check and as soon as I pressed transmit a whole circuit went down. We could no longer use the gas and had to buy takeaway coffees as we waited in for the men. Eventually it took three of them, the man, the boy and, finally, the boss. The bunny did not put in an appearance, so must have been left to mind the shop. It was the boss who puzzled out the sequence of events. It is impressive the way the Sopromar people need to analyse problems and then explain it all to us in perfect English. We are gradually becoming wiser, though there seem to be an infinite number of things that can go wrong on a boat. Anyway we have now completed all our checks apart from the sails. We had another successful go in the dinghy and have deflated it and stowed it away till needed. After lunch we put up the Bimini and basked in the shade with our books. Once the temperature dropped we walked to the nearby Pingo and stocked up on perishables, wine and water. Whilst we were away the dredger arrived. We need not have bothered with the Bimini if we had known.

DredgerJohn had received an e-mail that next week the channel would be dredged and access to the marina blocked except at given times, when the dredger was due to be at sea. They failed to mention that said dredger is a sixty foot beast and would be moored on the end of our hammerhead. It is as though a large, black bridge has sprung up next to us. No doubt there will be men too. I expect they will start early. Ah well, we can always sail away early if need be.

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