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Top Gear Challenge

The challenge was to see which mode of transport would be first into Valencia. The Stigs, Emma and Katie were to travel first by car, then jet airplane and finally taxi from Sheffield in the North of England. Harnett, Harnett … Continue reading

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Into the East

We have finally crossed the meridian and are travelling east; I keep having to remind myself when writing bearings in the log. We had a lazy weekend wining and dining in Marina Greenwich. We had a couple of attempts at … Continue reading

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Smoke on the Water

The smoke pothered out of the engine room when John opened the door. We had left harbour and were motoring out parallel to the sea wall, some five hundred meters off, when John smelled burning and glanced over at the … Continue reading

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000 00′ 00″ Greenwich

Our current port of call sits exactly on the meridian, so feels oddly linked to home. The marina is purpose built and small, with most of the berths being privately owned, available for visitors in their owners absence. Even so … Continue reading

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The power walkers were all out in force again when we set off for Alicante, we see them silhouetted against the early morning light and hear the murmur of their conversations. Our early start was planned to allow for a … Continue reading

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At Uni Lara has embarked on a running program, which entails a mixture of running and walking, dictated from an App on her phone. She plans to carry on with it here, on the days we are not sailing and … Continue reading

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Lara arrived looking very cool and sophisticated with her new backpack. She is here for the rest of our journey this summer and has certainly brought the clothes for it. John hauled her suitcase up the gangplank, lurching at one … Continue reading

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