At Uni Lara has embarked on a running program, which entails a mixture of running and walking, dictated from an App on her phone. She plans to carry on with it here, on the days we are not sailing and kindly agreed to my accompanying her walking, saying she could keep jogging back to me. Today was our first effort. Lara wore some smart lycra running gear well up with the current fashion. I sported a fetching old shorts and even older T-shirt combo. We set off for the high promenade that skirts the marina and heads out along the sea wall. Yesterday afternoon it had been deserted, at eight am we could see it was packed. Undeterred, Lara started her phone and up we went. I fitted right in. Most of the people we saw were my age or older, all wearing outfits of a similar sporting ilk and stepping out in ones and twos. Occasionally there were a few younger folk jogging like Lara, but the majority were old friends chatting away as they walked briskly together. Lara feels claims for the value of the Mediterranean diet should take this lifestyle choice into account. Half an hour later we had done our bit and returned to Lyra for showers and breakfast. Later that morning John and I showed Lara our own exercise routine. The go into a strange town without a map and find a supermarket before everything closes for lunch walking plan. She prefers her App. After all our exertions we relaxed on the boat for the rest of the day. The climate is so hot at the moment we can understand why we keep meeting people who are heading home for July and August. Nice to be able to swim now though.

At teatime we walked round the marina, past the fun fair and along the front of the town to a small beach. Pausing briefly to deposit our towels on a free patch of sand we paddled out into the sea to join the multitude of locals having an evening dip. The water was yellow with suspended sand, none of it any deeper than John’s waist and we had to wade out quite a long way to achieve even that, but as a consequence it was pleasantly temperate. After cooling off in the sea we lay on our towels to dry off, before heading back to shower before tea.

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