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Another Day, Another Destiny

Our second anchor practise has yet to take place. I woke early and fretted about it a while. I had a look out of the porthole; the mountains were hidden by low cloud and the view out towards the lagoon … Continue reading

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Anchors Away! – or not as the case may be

After rising early we set off on our sea trials. Trials being the operative word. Well, the trip didn’t work, which meant the log didn’t work and then the anchor, after performing well by holding us very securely in the … Continue reading

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Championes, Championes, Ole, Ole, Ole

Today is a very happy day for the Skipper. AFC Bournemouth, his team, have not only been promoted to the Premiere League for the first time in their history, they go up as champions. Promotion was guaranteed last weekend and … Continue reading

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Lara arrived looking very cool and sophisticated with her new backpack. She is here for the rest of our journey this summer and has certainly brought the clothes for it. John hauled her suitcase up the gangplank, lurching at one … Continue reading

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Under the Sea

Today it rained in Spain, sandy rain from Africa. Lyra now has watermark patterns in red dust on her lights and deck. It started before daybreak and there were flashes of pearly light at the portholes followed by dawdling thunder. … Continue reading

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Viva Biodramina

We have left the Costa del Sol behind and have embarked on the Costa Blanca, where so far there has been less high-rise tourist development. It is named for its’ light grey coastal rock, glowing white in the bright sunlight, … Continue reading

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Nessun Dorma but Us

We are now much in sympathy with one another, the Spanish and ourselves. They assert that they always lose the first match and then come good, citing the Swiss. We could say that we usually enter the final match needing … Continue reading

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The Alhambra

We had been unable to reserve tickets online for our visit, so cautioned by stories of them not always being available on the day, we booked to go on a morning tour. An open topped bus collected us from the … Continue reading

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Under and Up

As we came in to moor John had a nasty moment when reverse gear would not engage. Rapid working of the lever while revving hard sorted it out, but he was concerned something was round the propeller shaft. The beautiful … Continue reading

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Ready to Depart

Considering we had prepared to leave on Friday we had a lot of jobs for the weekend. First amongst these was to walk up into town for a visit to the Vodaphone shop, to make sure we could stay online. … Continue reading

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