Ready to Depart

Considering we had prepared to leave on Friday we had a lot of jobs for the weekend. First amongst these was to walk up into town for a visit to the Vodaphone shop, to make sure we could stay online. On the way back we witnessed the dredger coming out past the swing bridge. Nudged around by a big yellow tug, it lumbered rather close to the pillars of the bridge on its port side before ploughing down the channel, passing close to a couple of yachts tied to the fuel pontoon before disappearing out to sea.

A Narrow Squeeze

We must be sure to let it get well out there before we set off on Monday. Anyway, we have now sorted out our awkward Bimini, taken the sprayhood down, put it back up and mended it, shopped for more food, done our laundry, watched the football and filled up with water. We are all ready to set off tomorrow, dredger and weather permitting. It feels a bit daunting after all this time. Lagos has been a lovely winter base and we will miss lots of things about it, but it is exciting to move on and we are looking forward to exploring new places.

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