Friday was pencilled in as a possible departure day. Sopromar had serviced the fire extinguishers by Thursday as promised, we had washed the boat from bow to stern and the weather forecast was for a mix of light winds and sunshine. The winds were probably a bit too much on the light side if anything and of course there was the football to consider. The end of the premiership title race was to be broadcast in the various marina bars, simultaneous showings of the crucial games on big screens, with beer. The captain thought we would be best served setting off early Monday. We could retrace the steps of our anniversary walk along the cliffs, revisit the nice restaurant for lunch, look down on the grottos. So it was settled. We set off around eleven and were surprised at how quickly we made it up the hill. It was still quite tricky to find the footpath from the main road, but eventually we were back on the sandy track, through the grassy scrubland, which was now bejewelled with wildflowers, both familiar and exotic. The air was heavy with the buzz of insect and every so often the murmur of the sea below tempted us to venture to look over the edge, where the red earth plummeted in rugged shards down to a flat azure sea. Before and behind were the breathtaking vistas we remembered, but we arrived at the restaurant much more quickly than we expected to. The August heat had obviously slowed our progress more than we realised on our first walk.


Undeterred we sat on the terrace and had a quenching drink before ordering lunch. A sea bream from the glass topped fridge by the bar, which we shared, with potatoes and amazing broccoli. We are becoming very decadent with all this lunching out. After a couple of small espressos we set out to walk further along the cliffs to the lighthouse we had seen on our boat trip. We could look down on a medley of bright boats, both small and large, threading their way through the rocks. We were too far away to hear their screams, but perhaps it was not so exciting with a flatter sea. At the end of the cliffs we looked across to the next stratified headland before turning back and making our way home. A bit hot and dusty, we were glad to have a quiet night in, to rest our weary legs.


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  1. ruralmoon says:

    Some amazing photos again, worthy of a travel brochure.

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