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Pool News

Today all the main fires visible from the marina had stopped smouldering, though the planes were still heading off behind Vesuvius with their payloads of salt water. John had checked the weather forecast and a front was due to come … Continue reading

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Preparations for a Pool Party

Well you will have surmised that we survived the night. Perhaps I am being melodramatic about the fires, none of the Italians around here pass any comment on the still smoking tranches of land and the string of yellow aeroplanes … Continue reading

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Smoke in the Night

Early this morning before first light I smelled smoke and was immediately wide awake. I got up and stuck my head out of the hatch. All was clear. I reminded myself how sensitive the human nose is and went back … Continue reading

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Back in Naples

It is now July, we are back in Naples and it is literally burning. John, Lara and I had returned home at the beginning of June and spent the month at home for the first time in years. The roses … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Sorrento

Early this morning John and I returned to the supermarket near our restaurant for some supplies. As we came back to the lift we stole another look into the cloister garden, it being too early for a wedding. I realised … Continue reading

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Sorrento by Day

This morning we headed for the lift once more. This time the drains smell was unadulterated. Once up in the lift we headed over to look down at rock edged rectangles of the Lido far below. From here it looked … Continue reading

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Sorrento by Night

We had visited Sorrento briefly last year on our way to Capri, so knew there was a lift to carry us up to the top of the cliffs. Avoiding the siren calls of the various harbourside bars, we threaded our … Continue reading

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