A Day Trip to Sorrento

The weather was due to take a turn for the worse, blustery with occasional showers, but it dawned fine, so we decided to chance it and go to Sorrento on the train. By walking briskly and an element of good fortune we caught a train before ten and so found seats, but we arrived gasping for coffee. Mindful of the grim stuff on offer at some of the pavement cafes we opted for one in the old town and kept it black. Fortified we wandered down to the front, to look over the edge to the lido and harbour. It was blowing strongly in from the sea, piling clouds up ominously ashore. We had a look in the cloister garden, where a display of marquetry landscapes had been set on easels along one wall and admired white roses in the square outside, before heading back to the warren of narrow streets for shelter. After a bit of window shopping we checked out the art gallery, but were not enticed by the comic art work currently on show, so made our way back into the labyrinth and looked round the art shop, Terrerosse, instead. John bought himself a new mug for the boat and we admired a rather splendid wall clock. Carrying on into the street of the wild rabbits we managed to find yet another route round to the tiny harbour of Marina Grande. The wind was still bowling in from the sea, but we were pleased to see the Taverna Azzurra da Gennaro was open and had all the polythene walls down. We threaded our way along to it, past the movie posters of a young Sophia Loren. A large one opposite the restaurant is actually a blind hiding a door through which they take deliveries. Nothing much was happening today. A group of waiters and men from the boat hire businesses stood around smoking and laughing, clearly not expecting trade to pick up any time soon. After a stroll along the front we turned and headed back into the shelter of the plastic wrapped tables, the waiters sprang to life and brought us crab ravioli in a glorious bisque with a bottle of chilled local white. The afternoon became suffused with a warm glow as we headed back into town and completed our shopping. We bought biscuits and chocolates from the irresistible Nino’s, John replaced his sagging wallet and I bought two handbags from the big leather shop, quite a spree for us. We headed back with all our parcels and an evening in front of the wireless.


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