Up,Up and Away!

We had another early start and a long stroll into town in the sunshine to the station. This time we bought tickets to the cable car and turned to the right along platform one. We walked parallel to the tracks, scrub on either side and came to a deserted building, with cables running to the pylons striding up the mountain. Inside it was not clear where to go to access the car, but there were posters giving the history of the cable car, so we were in the right place. A sprightly gentleman with a beard appeared and we looked at him expectantly, but he and his wife were fellow travellers, just arrived on the train from Sorrento. We all sat in plastic chairs and waited. The timetable had us down to leave in two minutes. This did not look likely to happen, until a cab came hurtling down the cable and stopped somewhere above us. People then arrived, people coming out of the car and people coming into the building from the station. An automatic metal gate slid open and we climbed the stairs to the operating floor, showed our tickets to a man in uniform and boarded our cab. He followed us in, locked the doors and we began our accent. I had headed to the back of the car so as to see the Bay laid out below as we rose, up above the tall buildings of Castellemarre, up above the trees. Magnificent.




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  1. ruralmoon says:

    Nope nope nope! 😂

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