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Mega Train

In a bid to escape the gloom we are off to visit Girona. It is about a hundred and forty kilometers from here, but John did a bit of research and found the fast train covers this distance in just … Continue reading

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Catching Up With the Mending and Sunday Lunch

The wind has arrived and we are back sleeping in the front. It has dried the decks, so John pulled out the cockpit cover to provide us with a dry awning before the rains come back tomorrow. Unfortunately another of … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Go Away

We are probably going to be here much longer than we planned. It is raining. Storms are forecast, with a drop in the wind on Saturday, but then there will be persistent rain, which probably means poor visibility. Our last … Continue reading

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In Search of Gaudi

Lara had been with us on our last visit to Barcelona, when we flew home from here two years ago. She had been keen to see some of Gaudi‚Äôs building works and we had toured the first important house he … Continue reading

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Puerto Olympica

No chance of losing any weight on the short trip between Sitges and Barcelona. We set off around nine thirty and arrived well before Spanish lunchtime. This time the wind waited until we arrived and were trying to dock before … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass at Sitges

We had booked to stay two nights to give us a full day to explore the pretty town of Sitges. Early next morning we set out to walk along the coast towards the civic looking buildings. John had few memories … Continue reading

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To Sitges

Our next port of call was Sitges, a seaside resort John had visited when he worked for Holiday Chemicals nearly thirty years ago. It was a short trip and the wind was forecast to die down around eleven am and … Continue reading

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A Blustery Day

The bars and restaurants of the marina at Tarragona were constructed in a more upbeat economic climate and the designers probably envisioned restaurants operating with marina side extensions across the road creating a buzz as waiters crossed the traffic and … Continue reading

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City of Human Towers and Mythic Beasts

Tarragona is a lovely city in which history sits cheek by jowl with the present, sometimes erupting out of the pavements or hiding round the corner of a shopping square and sometimes spilling out onto the streets in traditional pageants … Continue reading

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To Tarragona

The sail, or to be more precise motor to Tarragona was long and uneventful. We set off early and the limestone cliffs of Sant Carles were turned pink by the rosy glow from the rising sun. There was no wind … Continue reading

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