Mega Train

In a bid to escape the gloom we are off to visit Girona. It is about a hundred and forty kilometers from here, but John did a bit of research and found the fast train covers this distance in just over half an hour and only costs sixteen Euros. We could make it a day trip, but we are stir crazy and so are going to stay over in a hotel. I have everything crossed that there will be a bath. The train station was more like an airport. We had to go through security and then sit around in a “lounge” waiting for our train to be called. We then passed through another ticket control before boarding. When we reached the platform the train was huge, eighteen coaches, each one double decked. Our seats were in the coach nearest the engine on the lower deck, which felt like travelling on a normal train. It must be great to be up on the upper deck. Mind you the views through the windows were dolorous, most of the landscape mere shadows in the banks of fog. Everywhere was very green, but dank and miserable and it carried on like that for all hundred and forty kilometers. When we arrived in Girona the weather was still grey and cold. We trundled our bag to the hotel and the heavens opened. It rained steadily all evening, so we ate in the hotel bar, which was very good. We both still had boat motion, but joy of joys our room had a bath.

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