Home James

After the family had been out we were dogged by the spirit of anticlimax and decided to head for home. This is not a quick business in a yacht of course and with the forecast still for northerlies we decided to head back to Denia and up round the coast, rather than hitting straight out for the Coubrettes, which are open to the north. This was just as well, since we had an appalling crossing. I was ill despite my tablet and the lumpy seas brought the boat speed down so the crossing took all day. That said we then made rapid progress up the coast back to Sant Carles, moving on every day. Denia to Valencia was a fine day when we were able to sail and then motor sail, with just a shot of drama when the furling mechanism for the foresail failed and John had to furl the sail by hand and tie it up. In Valencia we miraculously found the two nuts from the mechanism on the deck, so may be able to fix it. No time now though, next day Valencia to Burriana Nova under engine with the sail tied up. We were there with no further excitement by one o’clock and John mended the furler. Fingers crossed, one leg to go. Next morning we set out at s soon as it was light and arrived on our own pontoon at four thirty after filling up with fuel. Mischief managed for another season, but for a little light cleaning and securing the lines for winter.

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