On With The Usual Suspects

We are back on board and it is rough under canvas again. April showers spatter the boat and we dodge in and out doing the usual jobs when the rain stops along with seemingly all the other boat crews here. When it rains the mountains disappear and all is grey and cold. We could be in Scotland. The Captain has pared down some of the pre sail tests, the anchor trial was just a case of checking the chain winds in and out and the outboard trial consisted of charging the battery. The engine started, but the generator predictably did not. Off we went to see Roberto, who assured us they had started it with jump leads. Unfortunately when he came back out the engineer could not repeat the trick and they have sent for a new relay. We have spent more time mending the generator than we have actually spent running it. There has been the usual round of cleaning and polishing and if tomorrow is fine we will do laundry. Such is the glamorous life we lead in the run up to the next voyage, a daunting prospect of three countries in as many months. Up the Costa Brava, into France along the Carmargue, the Cote d’Azure and the Riviera, possibly missing Monaco, which looks a bit hectic even in the ancient photos in the pilot book, and then down Italy. We must press on to get there by July or we will run the contrary high season perils of expensive and full to bursting marinas. The low season perils are strong winds and heavy seas. At this stage it is always very scary, but our mood usually picks up once we set off. This will not be till Thursday at the earliest since our life raft has been taken away to be serviced and is not due back till Wednesday. In the meantime we are trying to make the most of our last days in Sant Carles, which has been a window on the real Spain, such a lovely place, and one we will look back on with great fondness.

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