Today we took a boat trip for a change. The ferry to Positano set off from the stone pier and boarding was such a crush that I ended up on the top deck on my own, while John and Lara found seats in the shade below. As we arrived in Positano there was a scrum to take photos. It is very beautiful. In many ways it is very like Amalfi, but there is more of a seaside than a town feel to it. Along the sea fronts various artists man their stations, ostensibly painting the view of the town, but it clearly does not matter much where they are to churn out their choice of scene. One old chap had some very lively pencil drawings that he was steadily ruining with paint. We stopped off for a coffee in The Pergola restaurant, shaded by the vines growing over said pergola. Lara had a late breakfast crepe and John and I shared a strawberry flan, most wicked.

Joining the hoards we climbed up into the town, stopping off to look in some of the lovely clothes shops, but not to buy at those prices. We wandered into the cathedral, where a first communion service was being held and listened to the lovely singing. On up through the enclosing mediaeval passages, we visited an interesting exhibition of modern sculpture hosted by Liquid Art in a garden, though on coming back down the hill I fear we had inadvertently gate crashed a private show as now an attractive young woman was guarding the doorway. Having exhausted the shops and the sights we had lunch overlooking the harbour in a goldilocks dining room with table decorations of pink and white balloons on three long tables, all very Hello Kitty. Fortunately we had mostly finished before the First Communion celebrants arrived, a huge extended family alternately hugging and bickering through a late lunch.

After lunch we sat in the shade looking out at the activity going on in the harbour. It was a little early for our ferry, but a small mob was congregating at the stop, so we decided to join it. This was just as well, for the ferry arrived not soon after, filled up and left ten minutes early, fortunately with us on board. After that we relaxed on Lyra and John cooked a home made beans on toast with the vacuum packed beans from the old witches shop, these turned out not to be such a convenience food after all, stubbornly staying rock hard after much cooking. They smelled great. We had cheese and biscuits instead and ladled them into a Tupperware try again another day.

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