At Leisure in Amalfi

The weather is becoming hotter by the day. Lara chose to relax on the boat rather than explore the town further in the heat of the day. John and I wandered up the main street and did some food shopping. We found a shop with an excellent selection of everything we could need. The proprietress was an old witch too miserable to even give us the time of day, muttering into her phone as she served us and charging us well over the odds. I would rather go without than go back there. It is unlikely we would need to, as there were lots of other enticing shops, with far pleasanter staff. On our way back we stopped for a coffee and then joined Lara to chill on board and watch the marineras shuffle boats around with admirable skill. After lunch we set out to explore the far side of the bay and to check the times of the sea taxi to Positano. A set of large umbrellas ranging up the side of the cliff road proved tempting and we sat with the cognisante sipping Aperol Spritze, tart but refreshing and rather civilized for us, looking down on the beach far below and in the distance Lyra.

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1 Response to At Leisure in Amalfi

  1. ruralmoon says:

    Ooooh, Aperol Spritz, now that is a real favourite 😜

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