It is only a few miles between the islands of Ischia and Procida, but we reasoned that if we went the long way, nearly circumnavigating Ischia, then at some point the wind might be in a decent direction to sail. As a result we left the harbour and turned to port, away from our destination. The route took us past all the places we have visited in this little corner of Ischia; though there is so little development that it was hard to spot them from the sea. Once clear of the far tip of the island we headed out into the Bay of Naples with the wind on our quarter, had a lovely sail out from the island and then tacked to come back to out waypoint before the channel. The sea was calm and we all enjoyed a packed lunch of calzone from the bakery with some tomatoes and crisps under way.

Once at the waypoint John turned to wind and we pulled in the sails and motored round Procida into the harbour. They put us further along the same pontoon we had stayed on last year. The place had the same shabby chic look, but was less busy and much cleaner. There were the same small feral cats along the harbour wall and the trees were beginning to flower. Lara was enchanted. The computer remembered Lyra and gave us a discount for our nights stay, pleasing John.

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