Rather than be stick in the muds and go back to the same restaurant as last time we decided to explore a bit and walk over into the next bay for our evening meal at neighbouring Corricella. Lara was not keen on the idea, but proved invaluable at sorting out the directions on John’s phone, when the network of small mediaeval streets failed to follow the course suggested by modern intuition. At first we climbed steeply uphill, even this main street was narrow, there was no pavement and the traffic was two way. Cars and motorbikes took the hill at speed, weaving round pedestrians and only stopping for meandering grannies that walked or stood about in groups ignoring the traffic, confident of their immortality. At the top was an open square, but this did not lead to our destination. The correct road down was from a tiny path on the left, which we missed at first. The road down was one way, which just encouraged the cars using it to travel even faster, we were glad to reach the point at which a street of steps led down to the harbour Once we reached the bottom it was very pretty, but the restaurant John had planned to eat at was on the opposite side of the water. We did not fancy heading back to the road and decided to explore where we were.

The harbour was small, just a couple of restaurants and some fishing boats, no wifi, and no music, very soothing. Only one of the restaurants was open, so we ate there and the food was very good. As we ate hopeful cats wove around the tables. We watched the activities afloat, where three men, all standing and rowing facing forward paddled out to a larger fishing boat and climbed aboard to smoke and chat. Then it was back up-along and down-along to Lyra.

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