Goodbye to Sant Carles

The life raft and flares arrived back more or less on time yesterday, so we are all set for the off tomorrow, when the weather is due to improve. Today is dismal, windy with big threatening clouds and perishing cold. We headed off into Sant Carles in our waterproofs and jumpers to settle up with Roberto. He would not take anything from us, as they had not managed to solve the hex of the generator, but shook our hands and wished us well. As the rain was still holding off we wandered through the main square. It was sad to say goodbye to it on such a dull, cold day. All the coifed ladies were carrying their umbrellas. We went for our last coffee. Everyone was sitting inside the awning in their coats and the fairground lights that illuminate it of an evening were on. On our way back we bought bread from the nice bread lady and a piece of her plum slice to share as we shelter on board. Now there are just the towels to launder and the spare keys to pick up from the office. We hope to manage both these tasks before the black cloud, which has engulfed the mountains and is moving in across the town reaches us. Soon it will be goodbye to Z pontoon, to our neighbours on Cloud 9, Shilling and Evelyn B to the perpetually unmanned Fifty Fifty, Miss Reykjavik, Endless Summer and Notorious of Poole and the various other boats whose crews we are on nodding terms with. Of course if the bad weather lingers we will still be here tomorrow, but hopefully we will be well on our way to Tarragona.

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