We rose early and made ready to leave. The engine would not start. The engine battery was flat. We have a vast bank of sexy, new batteries all charged in every conceivable way. There is a reassuring gauge to show that they are all happy, which was not unexpected given we had been plugged into shore power. Turns out these are all domestic batteries. They do not contribute towards starting the engine. This is the job of one old 12V engine battery, a lone wolf hidden under a screwed down floor panel. It took a bit of finding. The only way this poor thing is charged is from the engine, which has not been running. This battery was not new and had been wounded beyond repair by being tossed about on our last foray towards Falmouth. Now we have replaced it and bought a battery charger and a pair of jump leads.

Tomorrow we try again for Falmouth, bring on the frogs and swarms on locust.

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