Finally Falmouth!!

Yesterday we finally arrived in Falmouth, beating a line straight as an arrow from our first way point to outside the harbour here into a force five wind. We had waited around in Plymouth for the sea state to lessen, then we went for it, promising ourselves we would turn back if it looked rough beyond the breakwater.  Staying in Plymouth through stormy weather puts a new complexion on the Drake story, I can imagine him looking out from the Hoe at wild seas beyond the harbour and thinking to himself ” this lot will scatter the Spanish, might as well finish my game” and going back to his bowls.  The wind was forecast to drop as our day progressed, so we felt confident to set off if the start was ok. We had to put in a tack to our first way point, which took us a further out than we had planned, where it was a bit lumpy, but on the return tack managed to hit our waypoint spot on. Then it was one straight tack all the rest of the way, well heeled over with spray breaking over the bow, but not uncomfortable. It was cold though. We had on all our gear and it was still welcome to sit under the spray hood out of the blow. Eventually we trusted the autopilot and sat together keeping watch and eating ships biscuits. Hobnobs in our case.

At the entrance to Falmouth we had the treat of seeing a square rigger in full sail close to. At first we thought it was The Matthew, which we had heard calling up the coastguard on the radio, but Matthew was already in Falmouth when we arrived in the marina. Our square rigger was the Phoenix, out of Plymouth. We paused to take photos and then P1020820 came in to Pendennis marina, where the pontoons are very low down. Luckily a kind gentleman from the red speedboat Scarlet took the bowline after the harbourmaster had taken the stern, so I did not have to leap for it. We sorted out our ropes and headed off to the office to pay and there was Emma coming towards us down the slope. There was a lot of hugging, we went to pay and then out into the carpark where Johnsey was just getting out of the car. More hugging. Then we all walked up to the station to meet Katie’s train. Finally we were all coming together at once. Katie was amazed to see us all assembled to greet her and, of course, Katie needed hugging. Then we called Lara and she was happy as her new cookbook had arrived, so all was good.

We all walked back to the boat and Emma and Johns exclaimed at her size and how cosy it was inside. We decided to all spend the night on board. Then off we went to the Chain Locker and pints of Doombar and bottles of girl beer. Re-hydrated we headed next to Amanzi for a lovely meal with an African twist. Then back on board for tea and bed, Katie very generously offering Em and Johns the front cabin. I was much too excited to take photos.

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