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Today all the main fires visible from the marina had stopped smouldering, though the planes were still heading off behind Vesuvius with their payloads of salt water. John had checked the weather forecast and a front was due to come through this afternoon, so the fires have been put out in the nick of time before the wind blows up. The forecast means we decided to stay put, so we headed off into town on the shuttle with our backpacks to stock up with supplies first thing and went to cool off at the pool after lunch onboard. By the time we arrived the pool was packed out. The loungers had been laid out near to where they had been moved for the party, rather than moved back round the decking, but even so all were full. We settled for a couple of easy chairs at the top end, which had the benefit of fabulous views across to the finally visible hulk of Vesuvius. To the left of us a line had been slung between two trees along in front of the hedge from which hung an array of glass bubbles, each holding a tealight, with white paper decorations above and below each bubble. They must have looked very pretty hanging in the darkness last night. Then I noticed the paper shapes below each bubble were angels and the nature of last nights gathering took on a mournful aspect. No wonder it had been quiet.

We swam to cool off and had the pool to virtually to ourselves, probably because the breeze was beginning to blow and the thought of the chill on coming out was putting off those used to Mediterranean climes. As we swam the bar staff were busy lifting planters down from the wooden pedestals along the pool side and moving everything back against the wall. The wind was playing havoc with the tablecloths, teasing magazines and hats. Along the line of the hedge the angels were dancing. We had a lovely long swim, the water was the most peaceful place to be. Coming out was not at all bad, being used to an English summer we dried off unperturbed by the wind chill. Our chairs were most comfy and we read for a while, but the wind ruffled our thoughts and became tiresome, so we headed back to Lyra to shower and eat. As we sat on deck we noticed bright beads of flame climbing a ridge someway behind Castellammare. Bt the time we were ready to turn in the beads had joined up an a wall of flame rampaged along the ridge. These summer fires must be a nightmare for people living in some of the more isolated houses standing so idyllically up in the hills.

Tomorrow the weather is due to be calm and we plan to visit Ithaca and Proceda for a couple of nights at enormous expense.













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2 Responses to Pool News

  1. ruralmoon says:

    Seems as though the fires have been caused deliberately and are nothing to do with the volcano. Although now under control, the fires have meant around 6 sq miles of forest have been severely damaged or destroyed 😞 Stay safe.

  2. Jude Lieber says:

    I really appreciate your vivid descriptions. I can see Vesuvius, the fires, and the pool. I can hear the people moving the plants, and the wind. What about smell? Touch? Thank you for taking me back. I love the Amalfi coast.

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