To Denia

The crossing to Denia is the shortest distance from the Islands to the mainland. Even so it is fifty odd miles and we were up and off early. We could have been earlier still, but delayed to refuel, when the pumps opened at nine and then gave up on the idea as it was windy and there was another boat ahead of us.

Once out of the shelter of the harbour wall it was very windy and beyond the bay the sea came at us in meter high waves with the wind blowing straight on the nose, as we turned onto our course. Going against the swell slowed us right down to below five knots. Even going straight there under engine it was going to be a long, long day. And I was feeling sick as a dog, despite having given my tablet plenty of time to take effect. I lay on the deck useless, unless John needed me to keep an eye out if he needed to go below. Each time he returned I sank back down gratefully. Having to go below myself was a cause for dread. All in all it was a very grim day and we were both heartily glad to arrive.

Our last arrival in Denia had been somewhat fraught. There had been a mistake somewhere along the line and we had been allocated too small a berth. John had managed to reverse into it, but it was touch and go, literally, whether we would catch the bottom, so we had to move. As we did the wind had nearly blown us onto the concrete pier at the end of a pontoon, John just managed to shimmy round it with the bow thruster. Then we had to repeat the reversing tying up process. At the end of our travails the marinera had been extremely apologetic and they had only charged us for the smaller berth. This time it was the same marinera. We remembered him, he looks a bit like Dave Allen, the Irish comedian and has the same slightly troubled facial expression. We think he remembered us and did not look thrilled by the prospect of renewing our acquaintance. Fortunately this berthing went smoothly, we seemed to do all the right things in more or less the right order. All three of us were glad to have it under our belts for this year and he retired thankfully with a wave.

P1130980We wobbled ashore for a welcome beer at the nearest bar, after which we felt too tired to go out and I went straight to bed.

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