Eventually to Santa Eulalia

Our last night at Cabrera was distinctly rocky and as we set out the sea was pushing us along till we were surfing meter high waves. Such a sea state is considered to be moderate, but the standard is set for super tankers, which as we know can be mistaken for islands. I considered it rough and my stomach agreed with me, in spite of my having ingested the tablet in plenty of time. Our original plan had been to head back to Andraitx for a few days before making the crossing to Portinax on Ibiza, but after checking the weather John decided we would be wise to make the crossing sooner rather than later. It was probably not quite soon enough. We were making for Cala Vicente, which would have shelter from the forecast northerlies, which Portinax does not afford. The sea we were meeting was from the east, pushing us along nicely, but it turned into turbulent chaos after a while and John decided to make for the harbour at Santa Eulalia. He phoned ahead and they had a berth, so we turned and the waves slapped at us for the rest of the day. All in all it was a thoroughly unpleasant time. Many times in the past few days we have bemoaned the fact that Lara had to go back so soon, but this was one experience she would not have enjoyed. Mind you she is a better sailor than me and would have been more help to John.


So here we are back outside the harbour stern to, too worn out to walk into town and too queasy to cook. We plan to head over to the bar across the harbour for a Sydney Burger when it’s a bit cooler.

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