Back on Board

We have returned to Lyra to begin the next leg of our slow journey to Greece. The sky is blue, the sun is dazzling and Lyra is looking beautiful. Sopromar, the boatyard at Lagos, has done a magnificent job of polishing her hull and recorking her deck, so she looks boat show perfect. I wish they could fill in my worn bits and sand me down to such good effect! Below decks all was in order and we are happily rediscovering our small world away from home.

Lagos also feels comfortingly familiar. We have had the pleasure of revisiting some of our old haunts, including the Vodaphone shop, which quickly put us back online. During the coming week we are planning further outings. Our first trip on Lyra is a tad daunting in prospect. For a start here will be the swing bridge to negotiate and then the crew is feeling a bit rusty and somewhat in awe of  her previous performances leaping from boat to shore with a rope. No doubt it will all come back once we set out on our week of sea trials. In the meantime we plan to go to the sports bar this evening to watch the football. With the World Cup happening this summer, this promises to become something of a theme.

Our Splendid New Deck

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2 Responses to Back on Board

  1. Exciting, you will be fine! X

  2. ruralmoon says:

    So glad you have had a safe journey out there and all is ‘ship shape’. Looking forward to reading of your exploits. Have fun 🙂

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