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We were all up before six this morning Mallorca bound. It was a longish passage we anticipated correctly having to make under engine, as the wind was slight and right on the nose. At 6.40 we had left harbour and … Continue reading

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Hippy Market

John and I woke early and went for a swim. Very brave! Lovely actually, but we were both confident Lara would not have wished to be disturbed to join us. It was still cold and the blue fish were still … Continue reading

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There is Nothing Like a Sail!

True to the taxi driver’s word, the wind came at us from the north in spite of the weather forecast. This made at first for an exhilarating sail, beating up the coast. With three of us on board the tacking … Continue reading

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Isles Columbretes

We are moored in the drowned caldera of an ancient volcano a third of the way to Ibiza and are pretending to be Australians. When we finally set off from Sant Carles we forgot to fly the ensign and so … Continue reading

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Top Gear Challenge

The challenge was to see which mode of transport would be first into Valencia. The Stigs, Emma and Katie were to travel first by car, then jet airplane and finally taxi from Sheffield in the North of England. Harnett, Harnett … Continue reading

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Into the East

We have finally crossed the meridian and are travelling east; I keep having to remind myself when writing bearings in the log. We had a lazy weekend wining and dining in Marina Greenwich. We had a couple of attempts at … Continue reading

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Under the Sea

Today it rained in Spain, sandy rain from Africa. Lyra now has watermark patterns in red dust on her lights and deck. It started before daybreak and there were flashes of pearly light at the portholes followed by dawdling thunder. … Continue reading

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Viva Biodramina

We have left the Costa del Sol behind and have embarked on the Costa Blanca, where so far there has been less high-rise tourist development. It is named for its’ light grey coastal rock, glowing white in the bright sunlight, … Continue reading

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Setting Sail for Vilamoura

Well the first passage of the season went very well. St Monday saved us from having to do battle with the dredger; the crew go home for Sunday and have to travel from Faro on Monday morning. As soon as … Continue reading

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Maiden Voyage

We took Lyra out for the first time last Friday teatime with mingling excitement and fear. We cast off the lines and Robin from Berthon came out to wish us Bon Voyage.  We wound our way out, following the channel … Continue reading

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