An Abrupt End of Play

This part of the year’s voyaging has been brought to an unexpectedly sudden close, when John’s tooth had an unsuccessful altercation with a roast peanut, one of the beer snacks given away by the bars here. Obviously there is no more terrifying prospect than a close encounter with a strange dentist, so we have booked flights and are off back to Blighty. Fortunately the tooth is not hurting – yet – so we have been able to enjoy a couple more days in Ischia.

Yesterday we made a much more thorough exploration of the old town and made our way as far as the castle on the peninsula we pass on our approach up the channel. It took a while and we were hot and tired by the time we reached it and there was a ticket booth at the base, so we decided to leave exploring its’ steep alleyways for another day. On the way we passed a small white dog asleep in a shop doorway, which was so like Scamp we did a double take. Scamp himself is nearly home after adventures with French police and customs on the Mustard Bus. We had lunch in the restaurant overlooking the harbour entrance, sharing the lemon pasta to start and then sharing an amazing mixed fish special. That evening we are too full to even contemplate starting on our contraband supply of baked beans brought over by Johnsey in the bus.

Today the garden was open and as we had been unable to go with the girls and Johnsey as we volunteered to look after Scamp, we set off eagerly. La Mortella did not disappoint us, so many different flowers to see as well as the lovely structure. We did see a small sausage dog that must have made it past the gate in a backpack. Probably just as well we didn’t try to smuggle Scamp in he would have been bound to draw attention to himself chasing the garden cat.

Tomorrow we are bound back to base and thence to the enchantment of East Midlands airport and home. By the time John’s tooth is sorted the football will be due to start so that’s the end of sailing till September.


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