Goodbye to the Mustard Bus

The girls have one more day with us, but Johnsey and Scamp had to set off on the homeward journey this morning. Emma cooked him a good breakfast and packed him up with gluten free pasta for lunch. We all piled into the bus, John in the front, the girls and I in a row on the sofa, Scamp in and out his mouse hole between us. Johnsey drove us along the marina to the bar and reversed the huge bus into a parking space, gaining admiring looks from the Italian van drivers. It was very comfortable ride. We ordered coffee and breakfast croissants, while Emma and Johnsey put the sofa down to make a bed ready for evening. Scamp likes to jump over onto it en route as a change from using the mouse hole. It was time for Johnsey and Scamp to go. Lara suggested he give us a lift back, so this time the girls and I had to lie on the bed for the trip. The panoramic views of yachts and water through the windows gave the marina an unexpected glamour.

We all waved man and dog off and then felt a bit miserable.

IMG_2686John, Katie and Emma went off to the shop for supplies and made a Sunsail lunch. After lunch we took a taxi to the Villa Marco, a nearby, partly restored ruin from the Roman era, had a peaceful wander round and were adopted by a large ginger cat. We came across the cat sunbathing amongst the avenue of trees planted to recreate the garden around a large baths. It showed no interest in us at all. Katie, John and Lara sat on a bench in the sun, whilst Emma and I wandered over to read the notice board. By the time we came back the cat was standing on John, kneading his paws into John’s legs. Emma sat down so she could have a turn as the cat moved across, and Lara stood up to avoid him. He was not keen to move from Emma, but Lara ‘ticed him away and we made our way back to the entrance for our taxi.

That evening the girls made an Italian fajita feast.



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