On the Beach

As we are in the routine of waking up early we headed off to do some shopping before hitting the beach. First to the chandlery to buy some new mooring ropes, particularly a thin one for if we encounter any more chains, then into the village and the grocery shops. A German couple on the boat next door gave us directions to the bread shop, and then we found a small supermarket and a greengrocers. The green grocers was a challenge as the system seemed to be to take a few items to the till and then send the young man there out for what you wanted while the older lady weighed it all and bagged it up. We carried as much as we could both hold and then she took one look at us and handed me a bag to help myself with. She gave the impression that buying vegetables was a serious business. With fully loaded backpacks we headed back to Lyra, unloaded and changed for the beach and were soon laid out on a lounger under an umbrella gazing at the azure sea.

From the impression given by the few would be bathers the water was still cold, but it looked so inviting that we ventured in. It was pretty chilly, especially as one went deeper, but we are used to English waters and the bracing Atlantic, so took the plunge. After a few moments frantic thrashing it felt blissful and we swam and swam. Then we dried off and went to the bar and this time I managed to order the Virgin Mojito and John had a Perrier. Then it was back to the beach for more sunbathing and swimming. It’s a tough life on the Cote d’Azure.p1170016

In the evening we dined at a Vietnamese restaurant, Jasmine Bleu, which is on the marina. The food was lovely, we shared an assortment of dumplings, then I had grilled fish with chili and lemon grass and John had steamed fish in ginger, delicious, and nice to have something so different. The family running it was lovely too and all stood and waved at us when we left. This has been a very special place.


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