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The weather at the end of the week was predicted to become very windy, twenty and thirty knots, with gusts of up to fifty. On Monday we took the decision to stay here, where we had a nice town in … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Destiny

Our second anchor practise has yet to take place. I woke early and fretted about it a while. I had a look out of the porthole; the mountains were hidden by low cloud and the view out towards the lagoon … Continue reading

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Anchors Away! – or not as the case may be

After rising early we set off on our sea trials. Trials being the operative word. Well, the trip didn’t work, which meant the log didn’t work and then the anchor, after performing well by holding us very securely in the … Continue reading

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Travels in a Small Dinghy

Arriving back from the washrooms this morning, I discovered John at the end of the boat rapidly disappearing behind the dinghy he was busily inflating. Dinghy trial today, I thought. We have yet to use the dinghy in anger, but … Continue reading

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Planning Meeting

We spent the day planning our voyage, sat majestically in the library here in Sant Carles marina. The library is a glass cube overlooking the swimming pool on one side and the boats and bar on the others. Comfy sofas … Continue reading

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Simple Suppers

I have been bewitched by Nigel Slater. So far John is only vaguely aware of this. He is reading Why Does E = mc squared, an exploration of Einstein’s famous equation by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Either he thinks … Continue reading

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Polling Day

Back home the polling stations are open and the girls are all home ready to cast their votes this evening. It is lovely to see them all together and a bit poignant not to be with them. This election we … Continue reading

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