Off to Camarinas in the Morning

We have had a housekeeping sort of day, supermarket shopping, filling up with water, stowing things away and so forth, because tomorrow we set off round the coast. The weather is good to go, John has made a passage plan and we have both checked it, so we just need to top up with fuel first thing and then we are away. On with the adventure! The only thing we struggled with today was buying more data from Orange. It is not altogether clear, but it seems we must eek out our months allocation before being able to add more in June. This means I will have to add photos when we have capacity on someone else’s fast connection. Text only for a while then. Never mind.Cheers!

Anyway we had ourselves a slap up lunch of mixed salad and assorted fried seafood at our favourite cafe in the square and the waitress brought us complimentary truffles with our coffee. Very decadent. We plan to have a quiet night in ready for our early start.

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1 Response to Off to Camarinas in the Morning

  1. ruralmoon says:

    Good luck – looking forward to reading your next post 🙂

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