Passage Planning

Nav tableWe have been sitting at the table surrounded by the south coast charts, pilot books and almanacs working out our passage plans for the next few days. Every so often we transfer to the chart table and squeeze in together to key in waypoints on the electronic chart. We are putting into practise or recent training, but this time it is for real. It is not without its trials. Entry after entry in the pilot book warns of rip tides and overfalls ” the worst in the channel….the most dangerous on the South coast” lovely!

Out instructing skipper Graham arrived, a quiet spoken, reassuring presence. The three of us are setting off from Lymington tomorrow and eventually arriving in Falmouth at the end of the week. It will be strange to move away from Berthon, where we have begun to feel quite at home.I will miss the swish facilities, all chrome and aqua tinted glass, walk in showers with rubber wood flooring, warm to the feet. A far cry from the chilly concrete toilet blocks of our camping holidays. I will miss the two shaggy dogs, one huge and black, that would have terrified my Mum, till she got to know him, who give a nonchalant welcome as I go for my shower each morning. Most of all we will miss the very friendly, staff here, who have looked after us so well during our sea trials.

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  1. ruralmoon says:

    Hope you have a safe passage. Looking forward to reading the account of the journey 🙂

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